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Robotics Program


Robotics has always been a fascinating field of science for Children. Kidi Robotics based on STEM learning methodology enables children to understand and enjoy science in a fun-filled manner in the classroom environment. The carefully designed Kidi Robotics modules for children from Class V-XII years kindle their innate creativity and enable them to gain experiential knowledge and problem solving ability. The concept based Robot Building program is designed for ideal integration into the school curriculum making it easy for schools to adopt the program. Please discuss with us to know the best way our course can be installed in your school.


We provides Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Robotics, 3D Printing, Aero-Medeling, Drones/UAV and Programming which encourage studentsto connect to these disciplines respect to their interest. These skills among the students also induce Critical Thinking, Innovation, Observation and Analysing to cater to their future.


Why Kidi Robotics?

Task based Hands-on training in Robotics, Electronics and Mechanics.
Creating own models by imagining, assembling, and programming.
Learn Electronics using specially designed snap circuits.
Learn a new scientific concept in each session.
Ability to communicate effectvely, knowledge of contemporary issues.
Understand Mathematical Analysis and Geometric Concept using 3D Designing.
Learn professional and ethical Resposibility.