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Empowering Innovative Young Minds

We are dedicated to transforming the landscape of STEM education. Our mission is to inspire and equip the next generation innovators with knowledge and skills needed to excel in the fields of AI & Robotics. By integrating advanced hands-on learning experiences.

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Upcoming Programs

  • Class 5 to Class 10

    Robotics Summer Camp

  • Date:
    08 Jun 2024
  • Duration:
    7 Days
  • Price:
    ₹ 3200/-

    Internet of Things

  • Date:
    12 Jun 2024
  • Duration:
    30 Hours
  • Price:
    ₹ 8500/-

    3D Printing

  • Date:
    18 Jun 2024
  • Duration:
    48 Hours
  • Price:
    ₹ 5500/-
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Valide: 6th June 2036

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