Welcome to Kidi Robotics

In an Increasingly Technological society, it is essential that the clasroom be used for innovative methodologies that favor the ability of students to face challenges and enhance their ploblem solving skills in a practical way through Real World problems.


In this sense, a few year ago, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Educational Robotics has been proposed as an alternative in the Dynamics of the classroom, with the aim of improving students'Cognitive Development' enhancing their skills in the areas of Innovation, Observation and Challenges in their future.


Kidi Robotics is providing Hands-on Training in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Robotics, 3D Printing, Aero-Medeling, Drones/UAV and Programming which encourage students to connect to these disciplines respect to their interest.

"Think Beyond Academics"

Popular Courses



Internet of Things


Real World Programming


3D Designing/Printing
3D Printing






What we do?

Hands-on Training

We provides Hands-on Training using Robots which brings into play not only student–instructor interaction but also peer-to-peer interaction, that will help student to link theory and practical in Playful learning ways.


Not only Training we conduct Workshops and Competitions among schools/college students, which helps the student to enhance their leadership and Innovative skills in Competitive manner.

MakerSpace & Robotic Kits

Here in Kidi MakerSpace Student can Tinker whenever they want, its like a live workshop which they will get all the required kits and tools.

In Kidi MakerSpace we are also having Exclusive Kidi Store - where you will get all types of Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Robotics Parts.